Sweep & Smile

With PowerMax
brooms & brushes

Bathtub Brush

  • Compact design.
  • Easy cleaning of dirt thanks to the hard brush.
  • Complete hygienic cleaning.
  • Handy design.
  • Different color and model options.


  • Long life thanks to its plastic structure.
    With the oval-headed scrub brush, you can easily clean every corner of your bathtub.
  • It provides full hygienic cleaning.
  • It easily cleans even the most stubborn dirt with its hard plastic bristles.
  • Rich color and model options to suit your taste



PowerMax Bathtub Brush is a handy tool to remove the dirt on your bathtub.

Quick Cleaning

PowerMax Bathtub Brush will give you a great easiness to clean quickly your bathtub.

Long Lasting

Thanks to quality material used in production, PowerMax Bathtub Brush can be used for a long period.


Compared to other brands, PowerMax is a value for money product with its superior quality.

Where to use ?

Bathtub in Italy

In bathtub cleaning

You can clean your bathtub with handy PowerMax Bathtub Brush.

Bathroom Sink

In cleaning washing-stand

You can clean your washing-stand in bathroomt with handy PowerMax Bathtub Brush..

Green square bathroom tile and shower plumbing

In cleaning bathroom tiles

You can clean bathroom tile surface with handy PowerMax Bathtub Brush.

Useful Tips

1. Take Out Every Item on the Tub

When cleaning the tub, there is every possibility that the cleaning products could touch the things around the bathtub. Hence, to prevent this, you should take out everything, including the bottles, toys, toiletries, loofahs, and other essentials. You can decide to wash the items before taking them back in since there might be a bit of soap scum on them.

Also, this should be a perfect time to remove anything that is damaged or items that aren’t useful anymore.

2. Wash the Bathtub Surround

Before cleaning the tub, you have to wash the walls and tiles bathtub surround. From top to bottom, use cleaning cloth and an all-purpose cleaner or special cleaner to clean the walls. Wipe down the surface of the walls thoroughly to remove any sticky dirt or soap scum on the walls.

For the tiles, use a tile cleaner and cleaning cloth or sponge from the upper part and down to the bottom. Once you have wiped down the tiles thoroughly, rinse away the tile cleaner solution. When washing, always pay attention to the mildew and dirty on the grout.

Keep in mind to follow the instruction on the cleaners you use to wash the walls and tiles. And always rinse the walls and tiles with clean water after washing to remove any cleaner residue.

3. Focus on the Drain

Bathtub drain tends to get clogged after prolonged use, thus making it hard for water to flow out. With this said, you have to clear out anything clogging the drain before washing the tub.

To clear this out, mix half cup of baking soda and white distilled vinegar into a bowl. Then pour the mixture into the drain and leave it for a few minutes to soften the clog. After waiting for a couple of minutes, then pour hot water into the drain to flush it out.

4. Wash the Tub

Apply tub cleaner or all-purpose cleaner all over the bathtub’s surface. Wait for a couple of minutes (Like 5-7 minutes) to make the solution work on the grime for easy cleaning.

After that, you can start washing down the tub from the upper part to the bottom. Rinse the washed area thoroughly to remove the cleanser residue and to prevent it from sticking to the tub.

When washing, try to pay attention to the places with soap scum. This soap scum looks darkish in color or like a buildup on the tub’s surface. If you noticed any, use a small cleaning brush to scrub it gently, thus wiping the soap scum away.

Furthermore, watch out for any stained ring in the interior of the bathtub. Since this is a bit difficult to remove, you will need to get a scrub brush and cleanser handy. Use these cleaning items to wash the affected area thoroughly to remove the stains completely and then rinse with clean water.

Then begin to scrub around the corner bathtub where it meets the wall and wash thoroughly. Rinse the area thoroughly.

5. Rinse and Wipe the Bathtub thoroughly

Once you’ve rinsed all the washed area thoroughly, use a clean towel to wipe the bathtub, thus keeping it dryEnsure that there is no water residue in the tub after wiping.