Wipe and clean

With PowerMax
Microfiber cloth

Microfiber Cleaning Towel 40x40 cm

PowerMax Microfiber Cloth is a type of material made from synthetic fibers.

The fibers are extremely thin, which make them highly absorbent.

PowerMax microfiber cloth can wipe up spills with it and plus, can pull up grease and dirt, which makes to use fewer chemical cleaners.

PowerMax Microfiber also dries quickly, so along with using the cloths for cleaning, you can keep them in the kitchen for drying hands and wiping down wet counters.


Superior technology

Produced with the most advanced technology, PowerMax microfiber cleaning cloth holds and traps dirt and dust with its special textured fiber. Provides excellent cleaning on difficult and precision surfaces as well as on oily glass surfaces.


Thanks to its special microfiber texture, the fibers do not separate from each other and do not cause lint. Ideal for long-term use.

High absorbent power

It provides a perfect solution for wet cleaning by absorbing water up to 10 times of its own weight. With its short drying feature, it is ideal for cleaning dust and dirt on dry surfaces as well.


Dry and Wet Use

PowerMax Cleaning Cloth is ideal for dry and wet cleaning

Smooth Cleaning

PowerMax Cleaning Cloth provides smooth cleaning on all surfaces and removes stubborn dirt without any scratch.

Long Lasting

Thanks to quality material used in production, PowerMax Cleaning Cloth can be used for a long period.


Compared to other brands, PowerMax is a value for money product with its superior quality.

Where to use ?


Cleaning the kitchen

You can clean your kitchen counter, tableware, sink, oven, tile and wood surfaces wet or dry with PowerMax Cleaning Cloth.

Woman cleans home with vacuum cleaner, wipes dust from the shelves, washes window

Cleaning the surfaces

You can clean tile, wooden, glass surfaces with PowerMax Scouring Sponge

Washing windows. Woman sprays a detergent and wipes the glass. Home cleaning concept.

Cleaning the window

You can clean your wipe and clean your window glasses and mirrors with PowerMax Cleaning Cloth.

Housewife wiping faucet

Cleaning the bathroom

You can clean and wipe the tile, bathtub, sink, tap, mirror in your bathroom with PowerMax Cleaning Cloth.

Useful Tips

  • Always wear gloves while cleaning your environment with detergent.
  • For wet wash with detergent,  pour water and a reasonable amount of detergent into the cloth and gently twist it in your hand several times until the detergent is absorbed well.
  • After you rinse your cloth and wring it well, leave it to dry in a moisture-free and non-wet place.
  • For maximum hygiene, wash your cloth in the washing machine once a week .
  • Throw away your old cloths without using them. Remember, old cloths can harm your health by producing bacteria.