happy mopping with
powermax mops

Housewife portrait with a mop indoors
Woman cleaning floor under bed using flat wet mop.
Man washes the floors with a mop in room.

PowerMax Mop Pole

150,200, 300 and 400 cm length options

Adjustable length

Stainless material

Easy to change

Long lasting

2 pcs easy mountable


PowerMax Mop Pole is designed for your mop set to wipe off surfaces such as parquet, tile, wood, laminate, vinyl in your home or office by holding easily.

Thanks to its high technology structure making it adjustable. You can adjust to desired the length according to your need.

It fits almost all mops   and you can easily replace worn mop poles.


Adjustable length

PowerMax telescopic mop pole can be adjusted to desired length.

Easy to store

PowerMax telescopic mop pole is easy to store as it consists of two parts. You can dismantle it easily for storing.

Long Lasting

Thanks to quality material used in production, PowerMax telescopic mop pole can be used for a long period.


Compared to other brands, PowerMax is a value for money product with its superior quality.

Where to use ?

Woman cleaning floor under bed using flat wet mop.

Hard-to-reach places

You can clean hard-to-reach places easily with PowerMax mop set.

little girl and boy mopping the kitchen floor at home

Cleaning the kitchen floor

You can clean tile, wooden, tile, parquet floors with PowerMax Mop Set.

Housewife portrait with a mop indoors

Cleaning the parquet floor

You can clean your wipe and clean your parquets with PowerMax Mop without any scratch and harming your floor.

Man washes the floors with a mop in room.

Cleaning the floor tiles

You can clean and wipe the bathroom, kitchen and other room's tiled floor with PowerMax Mops.

Useful Tips

  • A Suitable Material for the Type of Flooring

There are different materials available for various types of flooring in houses. Microfiber mops work the best for an all-day cleaning. They are super absorbent and collect all the dust from corners and small spaces as well. Mostly, these types of mops are used without water. However, they work equally well with water. So, you can use microfiber mops for cleaning the food debris and dust entering through dirty shoes.

Another type of mop material is cotton which is suitable for hard flooring. It gives impressive results when used with water and floor cleaner. Cotton mop cloths, however, might shed lint. A sponge mop is the best for all types of cleaning. It is exceptionally efficient in wiping all the mess and dirt from your floor

  • Size of the Mop

The bigger the mop size, the larger the area it will cover. If you have less furniture around your house and more exposed flooring, then get yourself a mop that covers a large area in one stroke. This will make things easier for you.

On the other hand, if you have more furniture around your house, then getting a big mop might cause a problem in cleaning all the floors. With hundreds of different types of mops out there, get yourself the one that is not big and can easily be maneuvered through the furniture.

  • Added Features for Your Convenience

One of the most loathed tasks in mopping the floor is probably wringing the mop. Do you hate ruining your hands by wringing the mop? Also, it is quite challenging to wash and wring a mop that is heavy and large. So, what is the solution as skipping wringing is not an option?

Flat mops today come with an added feature of wringing the mop without using your hands. These mops have a wringer on the handle which is similar to a lever that squeezes the water out. Ensure that your flat mop comes with this feature so that you can clean your home without any nuisance.