scouring sponge

PowerMax scouring sponge protects the nails and allows you to clean easily. In addition, you can clean all kinds of environments by easily grasping your dish sponge with its ergonomic design.

Cleaning Cloth

cleaning cloth

PowerMax Cleaning Cloth will provide you a perfect cleaning on all surfaces like ceramic, glass, wood, metal etc. It is ideal for wet and dry cleaning. Does not leave stains, marks and dust after wiping.

MOP & Mop sets

PowerMax mop and mop sets in different sizes are the perfect solution for cleaning indoor floors. With its easy and practical use of PowerMax mop , your floors will be shiny and clean.

broom & brush

PowerMax broom and brush family will help you with its wide range of products in indoor and outdoor cleaning. You can easily throw away the garbage, dirt, crumbs, etc. that you sweep with the help of PowerMax dustpan in different sizes.

Scouring Pad

PoverMax scouring pad offers the perfect solution to remove all kinds of stubborn stains. It does not leave scratches when removing stains, dirt, rust, etc. on dry or wet surfaces with a few rubbing.