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Micorfiber Spin Mob Head Refill

PowerMax Microfiber Towel Mop Head Refill is designed for you to wipe off surfaces such as parquet, tile, wood, laminate, vinyl in your home or office.

Thanks to its nano technology microfiber structure, it traps dirt and dust in it and makes your floors shiny without leaving any traces or stains.

It fits almost all screwed tip mops and you can easily replace worn mop heads.

It provides excellent results in dry and wet use.



The microfiber towel mop heads are made with Nano-technology and are ultra-absorbent for all your floor cleaning. With this PowerMax Microfiber mop you can easily clean the dust, tough dirt, grime and any kind of sticky spill with a simple swipe across your floor. No need to exert yourself in order to have clean floors.


PowerMax’s unique microfiber towel mop will make your cleaning fast with an easy swivel while maneuvering around your chairs, table legs, narrow places and all other household obstacles, even the toilet bowl. Lightweight and easy to use.


This one expert mop system was created for all the hard floors of your house. Use it on all hard surfaces including hardwood floors, ceramic tile, marble, laminate, vinyl, and concrete.


Dry and Wet Use

PowerMax Microfiber Towel Mop Head Refill is ideal for dry and wet cleaning

Smooth Cleaning

PowerMax Microfiber Towel Mop Head Refill provides smooth cleaning on all ground surfaces and thanks to its microfiber head which allows to absorb filth and dirt without any scratch.

Long Lasting

Thanks to quality material used in production, PowerMax Microfiber Towel Mop Head Refill can be used for a long period.


Compared to other brands, PowerMax is a value for money product with its superior quality.

Where to use ?

Housekeeping and cleaning concept

Cleaning the outdoor ground

You can clean your at-home and office tile, parquet, laminate, wood and vinyl surfaces wet or dry with PowerMax Twister Mob Head Refill..

Loving asian couple mopping floor in kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen floor

You can clean tile, parquet, laminate, wood surfaces with PowerMax Twister Mob Head Refill..

Cleaning the floor

Cleaning the parquet floor

You can clean your wipe and clean your parquet and laminate floors with PowerMax Twister Mob Head Refill.

Waitress cleaning floor in restaurant

Cleaning the floor tiles

You can clean and wipe the withPowerMax Twister Mob Head Refill

Useful Tips

Before you start to mop, you must do some preparation. It is important to remove all furniture such as tables, chairs and throw rugs. You want to make sure that you can reach every spot on the floor.

Sweep before you begin cleaning floors, you will be pushing stuff around. Never skip this tip because dust and debris can leave scratches on the floor.

After you are prepared to mop your floor, you should mix your cleaner with warm water. Fill the bucket with water half-way so the mop can be completely submerged in the water when you dip it.

You can follow the two-pass rule. The first pass should be forceful to capture all of the grime and dust from your floor. Then the second pass can clean the surface and make it shiny.

Wring your mop out when you finish a section. Make sure you wring out your mop over the bucket. Then you should wipe the small section with the wrung out the mop. 

Cleaning solution should be changed when you notice that your water has become visibly dirty.

Another important tip is to soak your mop in the cleaner and then begin to wipe another section of the floor. 

When you finish mopping the floor, you should open a window or a door to let the floor air dry. Then you can begin to move your furniture back to where it belongs. It is important to also hang the mop when you are finished. Leaving the mop in the bucket will cause it to smell .