Wash the dishes

With PowerMax
colorful sponges

Spongematic with detergent dispenser

Dish washing will be easier than before with the PowerMax spongematic with a 380 ml detergent reservoir and a dish sponge as a gift.
The soap dispenser, which is pumped with one hand, provides easy and fast washing of dishes.
You can press as many times as you want to get the amount of detergent you need.


Mesh texture exterior surface for dirty environment

Thanks to the strong mesh texture exterior surface, it allows you to scrub and clean dirty surfaces without scratching. You can easily clean even the most stubborn dirt with just a few scrubs without using force. With its long and durable life, you can wash your dishes by rubbing over and over again.

Rich Foamy Washing

Thanks to its super absorbent pores, the sponge section absorbs 20 times more water than its own weight and provides rich foamy washing with less detergent. You can wash repeatedly with the durable and long-lasting sponge. In addition, it provides hygienic use by preventing bacterial growth with its fast drying feature.


Rich Foam

PowerMax Scouring Sponge absorbs detergent liquid with water and provides rich foam for washing dishes.

No Scratch

PowerMax Scouring Sponge green pad removes stubborn dirt without any scratch.

Long Lasting

Thanks to quality material used in production, PowerMax Sponge can be used for a long period.


Compared to other brands, PowerMax is a value for money product with its superior quality.

Where to use ?

magic sponge

Washing the dishes

You can wash any kind of dishes with PowerMax Scouring Sponge


Cleaning the surfaces

You can clean any surface with PowerMax Scouring Sponge

Cleaning sink with sponge

Cleaning the bathroom

You can clean your bathtub, tiles, sink, taps in the bathroom with PowerMax Scouring Sponge

Hand of senior woman using sponge and wiping glass shower door in bathroom, household duties concept

Cleaning the glass

You can clean any glass surface with PowerMax Scouring Sponge.

Useful Tips

  • Always wear gloves while washing your dishes with detergent.
  • For foamy wash, after wetting your sponge, pour a reasonable amount of detergent into the sponge section and gently twist the sponge in your palm several times until the detergent is absorbed well.
  • After you rinse your sponge and wring it well, leave it to dry in a moisture-free and non-wet place.
  • For maximum hygiene, wash your sponge in the washing machine once a week or soak in chlorinated water for 30 minutes.
  • Throw away your old sponges without using them. Remember, old sponges can harm your health by producing bacteria.